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Publishing DBPedia through Rhizomer

This site shows how DBPedia looks when published through Rhizomer. Rhizomer is a tool for semantic data publishing that facilitates awareness of the structure of the dataset using Information Architecture components: navigation bars and facets.

First of all, it is easier to see the kind of resources in the dataset using automatically generated navigation menus. The top menu is for the classes of things in the dataset

Then, if one of the classes is selected, it is possible to see the main properties and values of instances of that classes using the automatically generated facets, that can also be used to filter down to the specific resources the user is interested in.

Overall, Rhizomer gives support in the context of Semantic Web data to the user tasks in Shneiderman's "Visual Information Seeking Mantra":

  • Overview first: the overview of the dataset is provided by the navigation bars.
  • Zoom and Filter: once users zoom in a particular class, they can filter the set of resources using facets (while also getting and overview of all the main properties and their values).
  • Details on demand: when a particular resource of interest is found (or a set of them), it is possible to get full details, all metadata, rendered as HTML+RDFa and interact with it/them (edit, map, show in timeline,...).