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About Rhizomik

The Rhizomik initiative is inspired by the rhizome metaphor when working with knowledge from a scientific, technological but also philosophical point of view.

This metaphor has accompanied us in our research about knowledge in many different fields, fundamentally Semantic Web, Human-Computer Interaction, Web Science, Complex Systems and Cognitive Science.

It has been materialised in the following projects:

  • Rhizomer: a tool to build Semantic Web-powered sites like this one
  • ReDeFer: a set of tools to move data in an out of the Semantic Web...
    • From RDF to HTML or SVG
    • From XML and XML Schemas to RDF and OWL ontologies respectively
  • Ontologies
    • Copyright: an ontology formalising the copyright core concepts
    • Multimedia: an ontology for the whole MPEG-7
    • E-Business: ontologies for some standards like XBRL, ebXML or BPEL-WS
    • News: ontologies for IPTC and MPEG-21 Digital Items
  • Semantic DRM System: a prototype of a copyright management system based on the Copyright Ontology
  • Living Semantic Web: an study of the Semantic Web as a complex system that shows that behaves like some living systems

About us

The Rhizomik initiative is lead by people from the GRIHO (Human-Computer Interaction and data integration) research group. Please, contact us for any question or comment.