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Input RDF/XML or URI pointing to RDF/XML content (e.g.


Show namespaces:

Language (en, es, de, fr,...):

(Filters preferred language if defined in input RDF using xml:lang)

RDF to HTML+RDFa Bookmarklet

Bored about facing RDF/XML in your browser? Drag and drop this bookmarklet link RDF2HTMLBookmarklet to your Bookmarks Bar. Then, when you face a web page full of RDF/XML, click the bookmarklet and enjoy a more pleasant view.


The base address of the service is:

It can called using GET or POST. The former is recommended when the RDF to be transformed is available from a URI, the latter when direct input is provided.

The parameters of the service are:

  • rdf=URI|RDF/XML: the RDF/XML to be processed or a URI (content negotiated) where it can be retrieved from.
  • mode=html|snippet: defines if the output is a full XHTML page or just a snippet for inclusion in other web pages (default "html").
  • namespaces=true|false: defines if the rendered output should show information about properties and resources namespaces or not (default "false").
  • language=en|es|fr...: filter literals and labels based on the preferred language (default "en").

Example using GET:

Use Cases

Sindice, the Semantic Web index

E-Business + Web Science Research Group