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The Semantic Newspaper

Ontologies for news standards:

  • IPTC News Codes - Subjects Ontology: 2006/01
  • IPTC NITF 3.3 Ontology: 2006/01
  • IPTC NewsML 1.2 Ontology: 2006/01

Ontologies for multimedia standars useful for news management:

  • MPEG-21 Digital Item Identifier (DII): 2007/01
  • MPEG-21 Digital Item Declaration Model (DIDM): 2007/01
  • MPEG-21 Digital Item Declaration Language (DIDL): 2007/01

All these ontologies have been generated from the official XML Schemas from the IPTC using the XML Semantics Reuse Methodology and the ReDeFer XSD2OWL implementation.