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Semantic XBRL

Semantic XBRL is a repository that contains semantic data generated from the data submitted by participants in the XBRL Program EDGAR promoted by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Semantic data is generated by translating XBRL XML to RDF following the XML Semantics Reuse Methodology, which is implemented by the ReDeFer tools. First, there is the XSD2OWL translation, which generates XBRL OWL ontologies from the XBRL XML Schemas. Then XML2RDF, which translate XBRL XML instances to RDF taking into account the XBRL OWL ontologies.


  • 125,55M triples from 29342 filings
    (dumps: instances/schema).
  • SemanticXBRL now part of the Linked Open Data cloud.

The resulting RDF partially mimics the original XBRL structure from which it is automatically generated. Some small changes are introduced, mainly a new FactType class for facts. Fig. 1 shows a diagram for the core concepts of the resulting Semantic XBRL model. The resulting data is semantically enriched so it is easier to integrate different filings and to cross query filings for different dates, companies, accounting principles,...


Semantic XBRL core concepts

Fig. 1. Semantic XBRL core concepts