The objective of this project is to produce ontologies for MPEG-7 and related multimedia metadata initiatives.

The approach employed to produce the MPEG-7 Ontology is based on the XML Semantics Reuse methodology. This methodology is implemented by the ReDeFer project. It includes an XMLSchema to OWL mapping, XSD2OWL, used to generate the MPEG-7 OWL Ontology and a Classification Scheme to OWL mapping used to generate ontologies for some of the TVAnytime CS.

Moreover, these ontologies can be used to assist the XML2RDF mapping, which can map existing XML based MPEG-7 instance metadata to RDF. Some examples of this mappings are included below, in the "MPEG-7 to RDF" section.

This project is work in progress. For more information, please contact.

Ontologies for MPEG-7 and MPEG-7 Classification Schemes

Ontologies for other Classification Schemes


Simple XML MPEG-7 example:

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