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My name is Rosa Gil. I was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1972

I'm an associate professor at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the Universitat de Lleida.

I have been involved in the Master courses in Universidad de Granada, Universidad de Zaragoza, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universidad de La Laguna.

You can reach me by telephone, mail or e-mail as specified at left.

My undergraduate studies were completed at Universitat de Barcelona (Physics Faculty) and my PhD Thesis in Computer Science was defended at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

I have some experience in enterprise. I worked as a webmaster in Greens-HONDA for two years

I have visited and worked for:

  • one month in Trieste (Italy) in non-linear dynamics - ICTP-Trieste
  • three months in Brest (France) in ad-hoc applications - Ecole Politechnique
  • two months in Rome (Italy) in ontologies - CNR-Rome
  • two months in Galway (Ireland) in Semantic Data Mining - DERI-Galway
  • two months in Stanford (USA) in Emotions - Stanford
  • four months in Boston (USA) in DDBB - MIT
  • two months in Oslo (Norway) in Semantic Web - University of Oslo
  • two months in Auckland (New Zealand) in Blockchain - University of Auckland

More concretely, I'm conducing my research at the GRIHO Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research group.

PhD Thesis

The PhD Thesis is entitled "Agents negotiating in a Semantic Web Architecture". It explores the possibilities of employing Knowledge Representation tools, concretely Semantic Web Ontologies, in order to build Digital Right Management (DRM) Systems. The main contribution of this work is the Copyright Ontology and the Semantic DRM System, SemDRMS where agents are able to negotiate in a network architecture


Research Lines

  • Human-Computer Interaction
    Emotions, Usability, accessibility and user-centred design.
  • Semantic Web
    Knowledge Management using Web technologies.
  • Content Management
    Multimedia and Digital Rights Management.
  • E-Commerce and E-Business
    Internet-based business and commerce.
  • Knowledge Management
    Knowledge representation and management by electronic means.
  • Complex Systems
    Application of complexity analysis tools to knowledge networks.



InVid https://www.invid-project.eu/

JUGUEMOS (juegos pervasivos basados en interfaces multimodales emocionales y agentes sociales). Se trata de un proyecto financiado por el Ministerio de Economía dentro del Programa Estatal de I+D+i Orientada a Retos de la Sociedad (2016-2018)

Logo European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

2013-2016 MedISys Media Monitoring for Plant Health Threats Identification and Reporting (OC/EFSA/PLH/2013/02-CT1) - Role: Investigator
Call for Tender - European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
Description: tools and ontological framework about pests, symptoms, hosts, vectors... to drive information sources monitoring for the detection of re-emerging and new emerging plant health threats.

 Logo u-CSCL

2013-2016 U-CSCL (CYTED-513RT0481) - Role:  Investigator
Red iberoamericana de apoyo a los procesos de enseñanza-aprendizaje de competencias profesionales a través de entornos ubicuos y colaborativos

 Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad - Gobierno de España 2013-2015 InDAGuS (Spanish Government TIN2012-37826-C02) - Role: Investigator
Infrastructures for Sustainable Open Government Data with Geospatial Features

Rhizomik Logo Rhizomik is an initiative that collects some projects that apply the "rhizome" vision to the Semantic Web, Complex Systems and Cognitive Science:





Community set-up and networking for the reMIXing of online MEDIA fragments (MediaMixer). Seventh Framework Program (FP7). Comissió Europea (EC)

Institucions participants: STI International Consulting & Research GmbH, Centre For Research And Technology Hellas, EURECOM, Condat AG, Institut Jozef Stefan, Acuity Unlimited, SAS Citizenside, Universitat de Lleida (until 2014)


Replikants: Towards a New Generation of Human like Agents. Spanish Government (TIN2011-24660)

OMediaDis Spanish Government (TIN2008-06228)

Open Plataform for Multichannel Content Distribution Management

Red Temática Qualidade em Sites na Área da Saúde (CYTED-508RT0361)
Iberoamerican Excellence Network

Red Temática de Web Semántica (TSI2006-26928-E)
Spanish Semantic Web Excellence Network, http://www.redwebsemantica.es

S5T Spanish Government (TIN2005-06885)
Scaleable semantic personalised search of spoken and written contents on the Semantic Web, http://nets.ii.uam.es/s5t

I2Cat -MARS Internet 2 at Catalonia Consortium, Catalonia Government
Multimedia Advanced brokerage and Redistribution Surveillance

AREA 2000 Spanish Government (TIC2000-0317-P4-05)
Multimedia Contents and Services, Mobility and Security

AgentWeb Spanish Government (TIC2002-01336)
Agents and Ontologies for Digital Rights Management and Web Services.

VISNET Network of Excellence European Commission (IST FP6 506946)
Networked Audiovisual Media Technologies, http://www.visnet-noe.org


Digital Rights Management


Contributions to the MPEG-21 standardisation process:

Invited Conferences

SCo2/IEEE - 11CCC, 11 Congreso Colombiano de Computación (Keynote speaker), SRI Lab in Palo Alto (USA), UPAO (Perú), Universidad del Cauca, Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, Universidad San Buenaventura (Colombia).

Member of the Program Committee


Some papers

NOTE: This site links to the draft versions of the papers. For final versions, please, contact the corresponding publisher.

Semantic Web for Business:
Cases and Applications 

García, R. (editor)
IGI Global, 2008
ISBN 978-1-60566-066-0

Table of Contents




Publishing Linked Open Data about University Scientific Outputs using the VIVO Ontology

García, R.; Virgili-Gomá, J.; Gil, R.
VIVO Conference, VIVO'15
August 12-14th, 2015. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
Winner of the Linked Open Data Contest
DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.2002170

Development and testing of the media monitoring tool MedISys for early identification and reporting of existing and emerging plant health threats

Alomar, O.; Batlle, A.; Brunetti, J.M.; García, R.; Gil, R.; Granollers, A.; Jiménez, S.; Laviña, A.; Linge, J. P.; Pautasso, M.; Reverté, C.; Riudavets, J.; Rortais, A.; Stancanelli, G.; Volani, S.; Vos, S.
EPPO Bulletin, Vol. 45, No. 2, pp. 288-293. Wiley, 2015
ISSN 1365-2338 / DOI: 10.1111/epp.12209


Emotions Ontology for Collaborative Modelling and Learning of Emotional ResponsesHTML

Gil, R.; Virgili-Gomá, J.; García, R.; Mason, C.
Computers in Human Behavior, Vol. 51, Part B, pp. 610-617. Elsevier, 2015
ISSN 0747-5632 / DOI: 10.1016/j.chb.2014.11.100

EmotionsOnto: an Ontology for developing Affective ApplicationsPDF

López, J.M.; García, R.; Gil, R.; Collazos, C.A.
Journal of Universal Computer Science, Vol. 20, No. 13, pp. 1813-1828. J.UCS, 2014
ISSN 0948-6968 / DOI: 10.3217/jucs-020-13-1813


Copyright Management of User Generated ContentPDF

Castellà, D.; García, R.; Gil, R.
Poster at the 1st Winter School on Multimedia Processing and Applications (WMPA'14)
January 6-8, 2014. Dublin, Ireland. (co-located with MMM'14)

González Sánchez, J. L.; Gil Iranzo, R. M.; Gutiérrez Vela, F. L. “Enriching the Experience in Video Games Base on Playability Techniques”. González González, C. (Eds). ISBN 978-1-4666-1987-6. IGI Global. Hershey PA 17033. pp. 87 -116 (2012).

González  Sánchez, J.L.;  Gil  Iranzo, R.M.;  Gutiérrez  Vela, F.L.  “Enriqueciendo  la  Evaluación  en  Videojuegos”.   Garay Victoria, N.; Abascal González, J. (Eds) XII Congreso Internacional de Interacción Persona Ordenador (Interacción 2011)  pp. 273-282. (2011).  Lisboa, Portugal. ISBN: 978-84-9281-234-9. Premio Jesús Lorés al mejor trabajo/articulo.
González Sánchez, J.L.; Gil  Iranzo, R.M.: “Factores hedónicos y multiculturales que mejoran la experiencia de usuario en el diseño de productos” In Journal: “El profesional de la Información” Ed. Tejada, C. M.(Eds.). ISBN: 1386-6710 (2012) Aceptado y pendiente de publicación. Journal indexado por ISI Social Sciences Citation Index, Scopus. (JCR: 0.478).
González  Sánchez, J.L.;  Gil  Iranzo, R.M.;  Gutiérrez  Vela, F.L. “Enriching Evaluation in Video Games”.  Pedro Campos, Nicholas Graham, Joaquim Jorge, Nuno Nunes, Philippe Palanque, Marco Winckler (Eds.) Human-Computer Interaction – INTERACT 2011. pp. 519–522 (2011). ISSN 0302-9743 ISBN 978-3-642-23767-6 DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-23768-3.  Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6949. Heidelberg Dordrecht London New York. “Galardonado con “Honable Mention" al mejor artículo corto/poster”.

González  Sánchez, J.L.;  Gil  Iranzo, R.M.;  Gutiérrez  Vela, F.L. “Enriqueciendo la Evaluación en Videojuegos”.  ATI (Eds.) NOVATICA – Revista de la Asociación de Técnicos de Informática. N. 215. pp. 37–47 (2012). ISSN 0211-2124. Artículo seleccionado y ampliado por su impacto profesional en la industria del videojuegos y sistemas software interactivos y por mejor trabajo en Interacción 2012.


Improved Linked Data Interaction through an Automatic Information Architecture

 Brunetti, J.M.; Gil, R.; Gimeno, J.M.; García, R.

 International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering

 2012 in press ISSN: 0218-1940



Interacting with Linked Data through an Automatic Information Architecture

 García, R.; Brunetti, J.M.; López-Muzás, A.; Gimeno, J.M.; Gil, R.

Proceedings of the Spanish Artificial Intelligence Conference, CAEPIA'11


Multicultural aspects in HCI-curricula

Collazos, C., Granollers, T., Gil, R., Guerrero, L., Ochoa, S.,

Journal: Procedia social and Behavioral Sciences

Vol. 2, pp. 1584-1587, 2010,


Using Cross-cultural Features in Web Design Patterns. 

César A. Collazos, Rosa Gil:

ITNG 2011: 514-519


A Semantic Wiki for Quality Management in Software Development Projects


 García, R.; Gil, R.; Gimeno, J.M.; Granollers, T.; López, J.M.; Oliva, M.; Pascual, A.

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Building a Usable and Accessible Semantic Web Interaction Platform

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World Wide Web-Internet And Web Information Systems Volume 13, Numbers 1-2, 143-167, DOI: 10.1007/s11280-009-0076-2

Volume: 13 Number: 1-2 Pages, Initial: 143 final: 167 Year: 2010 Place of publication: NETHERLANDS ISSN: 1386-145X


Information Architecture Automatization for the Semantic Web

Brunetti, J.M; García, R. Gil, R

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Publishing and Interacting with Linked Data 

García, R.; Brunetti, J.M.; López-Muzás, A.; Gimeno, J.M.; Gil, R.

Book: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (WIMS'11)

Publisher: ACM Press

Year: 2011 Place of publication: Sognal (NORWAY)


Controlled Natural Language rendering of Copyright Ontology licenses

 García, R.; Gil, R.

Book: Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop for Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects of Business Models for Virtual Goods

Publisher: Namur University Press

Pages, Initial: 61 final: 76 Year: 2010 Place of publication: (BELGIUM) ISBN: 978-2-87037-682-9



Linking XBRL Financial Data

García, R.; Gil, R.

Book: Linking Enterprise Data

Publisher: Springer

Pages, Initial: 103 final: 125 Year: 2010 Place of publication: (GERMANY) ISBN: 978-1-4419-7664-2



Triplificating and linking XBRL financial data

García, R.; Gil, R.

Book: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Semantic Systems, I-SEMANTICS'10

Publisher: ACM Press

Number or authors: 2

 Pages, Initial: 20 final: 27 Year: 2010 Place of publication: (UNITED STATES) ISBN: 978-1-4503-0014-8


La Importancia del Factor Emocional en el Proceso de Evaluación de Usabilidad de Sistemas Interactivos 

Aguirre, A. Villareal, A. Collazos C., Méndez, Y., Y Kaffure I., Gil, R.

 Cali, Colombia, Sept 2010.

LatinAmerican Conference on Networked and Electronic Media – LACNEM 2010

The Semantic Web as a Newspaper Media Convergence Facilitator PDF

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A Web Ontology for Copyright Contracts Management PDF

García, R.; Gil, R.
Special issue on "Contract Architectures and Languages".
International Journal of Electronic Commerce
, Vol. 12, No. 4, pp. 103-117. M.E. Sharpe, 2008
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Project-Based Learning Applied to a Master in HCI

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Acercando la Web Semántica a los Usuarios PDF

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Interfaces basados en la Web Semántica para la Gestión de Contenidos Multimedia PDF

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Ontology-Based Retrieval of Human Speech PDF

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Facilitating Business Interoperability from the Semantic Web PDF PPT slideshow

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Integrating emotions and knowledge in aesthetics designs using cultural profiles

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Improving Human–Semantic Web Interaction: The Rhizomer Experience PDF PPT slideshow

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An OWL Copyright Ontology for Semantic Digital Rights Management PDF PPT slideshow

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Ontological Infrastructure for a Semantic Newspaper PDF PPT

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Building a Semantic IntraWeb with Rhizomer and a Wiki PDF PPT

García, R. and Gil, R.
IntraWebs Workshop, IntraWebs'06
World Wide Web Conference, Edinburgh, UK, 2006

Measuring the Semantic Web PDF PPT

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An Ontological Approach for the Management of Rights Data Dictionaries PDF PPT

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Measuring the Semantic Web PDF

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Delivery context negotiated by mobile agents using CC/PP PDF

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IPROnto - Intellectual Property Rights Ontology PDF

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Poster at International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC'02
Sardinia, 2002


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A Platform for Object-Action Semantic Web Interaction PDF PPT slideshow

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Semantic Web Applications: A framework for industry and business exploitation – What is needed for the adoption of the Semantic Web from the market and industry PDF


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Semantic Web Interfaces for Newspaper Multimedia Content Management PDF


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Copyright Licenses Reasoning using an OWL-DL Ontology PDF


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Ontological challenges for financial information: some lessons from the Rhizomik initiative PDF


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