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The ReDeFer project is a compendium of RDF-aware utilities organised in a set of packages:

  • RDF2HTML+RDFa: render a piece of RDF/XML as HTML+RDFa.
  • XSD2OWL: transform an XML Schema into an OWL Ontology.
  • CS2OWL: transform a MPEG-7 Classification Scheme into an OWL Ontology.
  • XML2RDF: transform a piece of XML into RDF.
  • RDF2SVG: render a piece of RDF/XML as a SVG showing the corresponding graph.

The source code for the project is available from GitHub. For any question or comment, please contact. We will appreciate any feedback.



    This package implements a RDF/XML-ABREV to HTML+RDFa translator.
    It is based on the XSL style sheet:

    Creative Commons License RDF Resource Description Framework Metadata Icon

    This transformation can be tested with the following form. Moreover, it is one of the main components of the Rhizomer semantic web site builder used to implement the Rhizomik site. The metadata panel on the left is rendered from RDF/XML using it. The best results are obtained from metadata serialised in abbreviated form.

    It can be tested with an URL from the form below or directly with RDF/XML metadata from the RDF2HTML form.

    URL to RDF/XML metadata:



    This package implements a XML Schema to OWL ontology translator.
    It is based on the XSL style sheet:

    Creative Commons License RDF Resource Description Framework Metadata Icon

    It can be tested with the following form. To use it type the XML schema URL or use one of the provided example XML schemas, then press "Translate".

    More details...

    XML Schema URL (warning, not local files):



The XSD2OWL mapping has been used in the following projects:

  • SemDRMS: ontologies for the main Digital Rights Management initiatives, the MPEG-21 REL and ODRL XML Schemas.
  • MPEG-7 OWL Ontologies: ontologies for the MPEG-7 XML Schemas and some TV-Anytime Classification Schemes.
  • The Semantic Newspaper: ontologies for IPTC press standards NITF and NewsML.
  • BizOntos: ontologies for e-business interoperability standards, ebXML and BPEL-WS XML Schemas.


  • CS2OWL

    This package implements a MPEG-7 Classification Scheme to OWL ontology translator.
    It is based on the XSL style sheet:

    Creative Commons License RDF Resource Description Framework Metadata Icon

    Transform XML metadata to RDF taking into account previous XML Schema to OWL mappings. Currently, these are the available XML Schema to OWL mappings loaded into the database. More mappings can be easily added just by adding the mapping RDF statements and loading the corresponding OWL ontology.

    More details...

    XML instance metadata URL (warning, not local files):

    NOTE: If there is an exception resulting from the XML2RDF translation, please, reload the page in order to get the proper result.




    Transform RDF/XML metadata into a SVG that shows its graph representation. It can be tested from the RDF2SVG form.


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